All About Jewish Theatre

The online publication of Plays of Jewish Interest, compiled by the Foundation, is available onAll About Jewish Theatre, the global Web site to promote and enhance Jewish theater and performing arts worldwide. The most comprehensive and up-to-date searchable database of its kind, the resource includes approximately 1,500 plays, along with comprehensive information regarding authors, cast and casting requirements, production notes and history, subject matter, synopses, script sources and reviews. The database can be searched using a variety of criteria, and contributions may be submitted so that the list grows and stays up to date. The Foundation published the first version in 1982, and it immediately became an invaluable resource for theater companies, scholars, and educators. Edited by Michael Posnick and Dr. Ellen Schiff, the 2007 expanded edition focuses primarily on Jewish plays written in and translated into English, as well as Israeli and Yiddish plays. All About Jewish Theatre was initiated, designed, and launched by Moti Sandak.

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