“Asylum” Artists’ Retreat Fosters Global Jewish Culture

asylum roi vector

Approximately 70 top young Jewish artists from around the world gathered in Garrison, NY, March 3-5, for an unprecedented retreat exploring global Jewish culture.

Asylum: International Jewish Artist Retreat, is a first-ever gathering of emerging Jewish artists of this caliber. The retreat, which is a collaboration between the Six Points Fellowship for Emerging Jewish Artists and the ROI Community, provided networking and training for international artists.

“By bringing together the most talented and innovative young Jews and giving them professional support and tools to help their projects succeed, we create a strong community of these young Jewish artists, which ultimately will serve to strengthen the Jewish future,” says Rebecca Guber, the Director of Six Points and the creator of Asylum.

Attendants include visual artists, playwrights, choreographers, musicians, composers, photographers, filmmakers, screenwriters, poets, and writers. Artists were selected for outstanding work in their field to date. Participants include Jason Hutt, director of Orthodox Stance, and Lacey Schwartz, director of Outside the Box. Both are previous recipients of the FJC’s Kroll Film Fund.

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