Don’t Miss this Chance to Catch FJC-Supported Docs


Director Dan Edelstyn life takes an unexpected vodka-infused turn after he discovers his grandfather’s journals.

This week brings the opportunity to catch a number of FJC-supported docs in the theater–and right to your very own computer or TV.

The FJC-sponsored documentary How to Re-establish a Vodka Empire will be screened at the JCC in Manhattan on Tues., Feb 5. Director Dan Edelstyn will be interviewed by Skype, to answer questions about his charming quest to reconnect with his Jewish-Ukrainian roots and re-launch his great-grandfather’s once glorious vodka empire.

Another FJC-sponsored doc, Brave Miss World, will be shown in an exclusive Sneak Preview at the Athena Film Festival on the Barnard campus in New York, this coming Sunday, Feb. 10thBrave Miss World is the story of Linor Abargil, Israel’s Miss World, who after experiencing a violent abduction and rape, battles for justice and devotes her life to helping other survivors. Visit the Athena Film Festival website for screening details.

Naturally, you don’t need to live anywhere near New York City to enjoy great films. The inspiring doc Budrus, about a contested Palestinian village, is now available via streaming to services including iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. And as of February 15, it’ll be available on Netflix and Hulu as well.

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