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Introducing the new Agents of Change Film Fund, an expansion of the Lynn and Jules Kroll Fund for Jewish Documentary Film! Past Film Fund grantees include Sandi DuBowski for Trembling before G-D, Yoav Potash for Crime after Crime, Sarah and Emily Kunstler for Disturbing the Universe, and dozens of other critically-acclaimed filmmakers who have won prizes at Sundance, Tribeca, and other festivals, before going on to theaters worldwide. With your help, we can continue selecting the best films that enthrall audiences, start conversations, and catalyze social change.

With an “Assistant Producer” gift of $54, your name will appear in the credits on our Film website.

With an “Assistant Editor” gift of $108, your name will appear in the credits on our Film website and we’ll send you a copy of Crime after Crime, about which the New York Times, in a starred review, wrote, “it [is] difficult to leave the theater with dry eyes and an untouched heart.”

With an “Assistant Director” gift of $360, we will send you our Agents of Change Library, Volume One—three inspiring films including Crime after Crime, Trembling before G-D, and William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe.

With a “Director” gift of $1,800, you’ll receive all of the above, plus an invitation to joinus for a special dinner with members of our esteemed film panel and Film Fund grantees. Previous judges include Los Angeles Times and NPR film critic Kenneth Turan, creator and executive producer of the award-winning public television series P.O.V. Marc N. Weiss, and Emmy-nominated filmmaker Nicole Opper.

For a very generous “Producer” gift of $3,600 or more, you’ll receive all of the above, plus dinner with one of our recent Agent of Change grantees.

Join our Production Team and make your contribution by May 15 and a very generous supporter will match every dollar we receive until we reach our goal! Become an Agent of Change documentary sponsor now and help make the next wave of great Jewish film. Make a secure online donation now!

Prefer to give by phone? Call Development Manager Marcie Kaufman at 212.629.0500 x215.

Filmmakers: The Agents of Change Film Fund is a new thematic category of the Lynn and Jules Kroll Fund for Jewish Documentary Film. Please submit all applications to the Kroll Film Fund, now open through July 16, 2012.

Associate Producer

Rabbi Valerie Joseph

Assistant Director

Jimena Martinez & Michael Hirschhorn

Dr. Stephen Horenstein, in honor of Sarah Horenstein, z”l

Ruth and Sam Perelson

Leslie and Tom Freudenheim in honor of Elise Bernhardt

Assistant Editor

Jane Friedman

Naomi Schacter and Jonathan Price

Claudia Weill, in honor of Guy Weill

Lou Cove, in honor of Lynn Kroll

Jonathan Price

Assistant Producer

Rebecca Leary Safon, in honor of Russell Gottschalk

Ann Alter, in honor of Sam & Sarah Bornstein

Toby Perl Freilich, in honor of Anna & Isak Freilich

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