Funds for Distribution, Outreach, and Engagement

Still from "Joann Sfar Draws from Memory"

We are proud to announce the winners of a special fund for past Kroll Film Fund grantees that provides additional support for distribution, outreach, and audience engagement: Sam Ball’s Joann Sfar Draws from Memory (2010) and Tracie Holder and Karen Thorsen’s Joe Papp in Five Acts (2000), a co-production with PBS/American Masters.

Joann Sfar Draws from Memory follows one of the most celebrated graphic novelists of our time on a whimsical journey through the Algerian-Jewish heritage that inspires his work.

Joe Papp in Five Acts tells the story of New York’s indomitable, street-wise champion of the arts who introduced interracial casting to the American stage and created free Shakespeare in the Park, Hair, and A Chorus Line. Using his life and work as its prism, the film explores the issues he chose to champion: freedom of expression; democracy in the arts; the definition of American culture.

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